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Sixtaphonic sound installation by Johannes Eimermacher and Daniel Perez Hajdu

Six loudspeakers installed on either side of a room set in complete darkness. An exploration in sound that meets with chance. This installation projects a random combination of different sounds that superimpose each other, thus creating at each time a new acoustic universe.

The digitized sound fragments are varied, an outcome of a thorough investigation of the sound potential in everyday objects, different materials and also of the particular acoustics of certain places such as a basement or an old train station. The sound experimentation is supplemented with several instrumental improvisations : saxophone, vocals, prepared piano, etc. In this sound bubble, the two composers deliver a world that is devoid of an imposing narrative hence giving free rein to an imaginary landscape where the listener will be able to create his own story, as a soundtrack for a film that has not yet been made.

Below two stereo reduced variations out of 1080 possibilities: