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LA NUÉE(english: the flock)

is a brussels based saxophone collective founded in 2017.

In improvisational approaches we are researching the different possibilities of sound-production on the instrument, as well as modes of interaction, or group dynamics in a musical context. We then organise the researched material into more predefined compositions. These compositions range from very open structures, through graphic scores, to pieces where every single note/sound is written.
We are regularly collaborating with the drummer Joao Lobo.

Johannes Eimermacher – composition, alto saxophone
Audrey Lauro, Frans Van Isacker – alto saxophones
Sylvain Debaisieux – tenor saxophone
Hanne De Bakker – baritone saxophone
João Lobo - drums

First Visitations event of 2021 with La Nuée meeting João Lobo and Soet Kempeneer filmed, recorded and interviewed during their 3 day residency at Trix.

Visitations by Sound in Motion
Supported by: City of Antwerp, Trix, De Studio, SiM

La Nuée residency at Q02 brussels 2019