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La Nuée (english: The Flock)

A flock is a gathering of gregarious birds. This group of individuals is generally made up of the same species, but can also be composed of mixed species. Individuals gather to form one whole organism. The character of this new organism is not recognizable in any of the individuals that constitute it, it is a unique character born out of the relation between them. The individuals follow very simple rules, and although there is no centralized control structure dictating how individuals should behave, local, and to a certain degree random interactions between them lead to the emergence of intelligent global behaviour, unknown to the individuals.

-use the upwash from one of the wingtip vortices of the bird infront of you to
  fly upwards
-move towards the middle of the group of birds that are within sight
-move away if someone comes too close
-follow the same direction as your neighbors
-mimic their manoeuvres

Each bird in the flock, despite his place, can decide a change for the whole formation.

My initial motivation was to bring together a group of musicians that blend into one sound body. One single organism that can move as an entity, breathe, change its form, its density, its maneuvers, its direction, its speed, an entity that can divide itself into subgroups, in individuals, get lost in chaos and reunite. A body that is more complex than the sum of all its elements. It is the relationship between these elements, their reciprocal influences that give life to the individual character of this new body.

I conceive this group as a single instrument, from which due to the limited choice of instruments a particular timbre and playing technique arises. Five saxophones of different registers as to allow a wider range. The three bass clarinets are close to the saxophones, they belong to the same family, that of thesingle-reed woodwinds. The two double basses are part of another family, that of string instruments. They are extraterrestrials within the ensemble, bringing a different timbre and technique. Still and all a timbre that associates very well with that of clarinets and saxophones.

A single large polyphonic instrument with a range of five octaves, played by nine persons, seven breaths, eighteen hands, ninety fingers. Yet also a creature with nine heads who sometimes want to go in all directions.

How to join forces, while excluding a conductor or a written score, without compromising each others personality?

A musical research of a group dynamic and a collective intuition.

Johannes Eimermacher - concept, alto saxophone
Audrey Lauro - alto saxophone
Mathieu Lilin, Yann Lecollaire - bariton saxophones
Marti Melia - bass saxophone
Ben Bertrand, Jordi Grognard - bass clarinets
Jordi Cassagne, Peter Jacquemyn - doublebass