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LA NUÉE(English: the flock)

Inspired by the phenomenon of flocks of birds, La Nuée (English: The Flock) is bringing together a group of musicians that blend into one sound body. One single organism that can move as an entity, breathe, change its form, its density, its maneuvers, its direction, its speed, an entity that can divide itself into subgroups, in individuals, get lost in chaos and reunite. A body that is more complex than the sum of all its elements. It is the relationship between these elements, their reciprocal influences that give life to the individual character of this new body.

Johannes Eimermacher – composition, alto saxophone
Audrey Lauro, Frans Van Isacker – alto saxophones
Sylvain Debaisieux – tenor saxophone
Hanne De Backer – baritone saxophone
João Lobo - drums

Our first album released in june 2021 on the label
Umland Records

Album Review by Guy Peters

First Visitations event of 2021 with La Nuée meeting João Lobo and Soet Kempeneer filmed, recorded and interviewed during their 3 day residency at Trix.

Visitations by Sound in Motion
Supported by: City of Antwerp, Trix, De Studio, SiM

La Nuée residency at Q02 brussels 2019